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長野県立美術館Nagano Prefectural Art Museum

2021 / 長野県長野市箱清水Nagano, Japan


This museum is located in Joyama Park and face to the famous temple Zenkoji.
There is 10m difference between the park and the road behind, then we installed the building within that difference not to come out to the scenery. We designed this museum as “Landscape Museum”.
We designed with two basic concepts, one is section planning using 10m difference in level and another one is floor and building form planning using two axes of neighborhood buildings, Zenkoji and annex gallery.
This museum has two functions. One is, of course, Art Museum aiming for special authorized by Japanese cultural affairs, government of Japan. On the other hand, as a public facility, we prepared space for people to use as their exhibition and activities without strict regulations.
To achieve those two conflicting functions, we separate two areas clearly.
Exhibition spaces are protected from external factors such as sunlight and temperature by thick concrete wall and surrounded by bright and open public space. People can enjoy these space as if in the park without charge.
Between this new museum and Higashiyama Kaii Gallery, ex_annex gallery, we installed water landscape with water stream. We didn’t build any building at the place of old museum in honor of the architect and this landscape impress the difference in level as a result.

photo by Toshiharu Kitajima(1,2,3,4,5,9), Naomichi Sode / SS (6,7,8)