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新山口駅北口駅前広場「0番線」Shin-Yamaguchi Sta. North Square Platform Zero

2019 / 山口県山口市Yamaguchi, Japan


This station square, called by nickname Zero-bansen (Platform ZERO), is very unique space with Tourist information center, Police station, café, gallery, and traffic facilities such as Bus terminal, Taxi stand. Our design concept was to connect the city and station from the beginning of the project. We tried to promote the use of the whole area by putting small facilities in several area and also make the stream of people from the station to the existing city area.
North-South Free Passage, completed precedently as a part of this project, have enough width for not only for passage but also for spending time while enjoying the view and also the vertical garden, designed by Patrick Blanc, of plants collected in Yamaguchi. We extended this idea of space to the station square, then various staying places are prepared for various people such as local residents and tourists both on the ground level and upper level.

第60回 (2019年)BCS賞
DSA日本空間デザイン賞BEST 50(2018年)
JCD International Design Award 2018 BEST 100