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インド大使館 関連住居施設Residence and Apartments

2009 / 東京都Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Construction Project
1.  西早稲田大使公邸(保存再生)
2.  代沢次席公邸
3.  白金台士官アパートメント
4.  元麻布士官アパートメント(耐震改修)
5.  西原職員アパートメント
6.  九段職員アパートメント1(耐震改修)・2(新築)


Tokyo Construction Project :
Construction, Redevelopment and Renovation of Government of India Properties, 8 buildings in 6 properties, in Tokyo.
1.  Embassy Residence (Renovation)
2. DCM’s Residence Daizawa
3. Officers Apartments Shiroganedai
4. Officers Apartments Moto Azabu (Renovation)
5. Staff Apartments Nishihara
6. Staff Apartments 1 (Renovation) / 2

Officers Apartments Shiroganedai :
This apartment faces to one of the most fashionable street in Tokyo. We wanted to realize a comfortable living environment by succeeding the continuity of this streetscape. We designed the façade of this nine floors building with simple white painted wall and transparent glass handrails at balconies.
This apartment is also located next to green area of Nature Study Natural Science Museum. Each spacious floor has only one residence. Residents can see both the cityscape view towards the central Tokyo and the view of Mt. Fuji over the green of above mentioned park.


DCM’s Residence Daizawa :
Only this DCM’s Residence Daizawa is the independent house except Embassy Residence in this project. The character of this building is also similar with the Embassy Residence and the first floor is public space to invite the guests, which is totally designed with the exterior garden. The second floor is private space for the family. We design the elegant structure to use the combination of exterior wall, India green sand stone and the wooden window frame. The interior is finished with wooden materials mainly for making comfortable space. There is an old existing cherry blossom tree and we think that this tree should be the centre of this residence. In spring, people can see the tree in full bloom condition from everywhere.

公開設計競技 最優秀

Open Design Competition : First Prize

photo by Toshiharu Kitajima