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YKK 50 Building Renovation ProjectYKK 50 Building Renovation Project

2005 / 富山県黒部市Toyama, Japan

また、我々は今回の計画において、50ビル設立当初に目指された「公園のようなオフィス」や、YKK黒部事業所マスタープランにおいて理想とされている「緑に溢れ美しい」職場環境の実現を目指し、色彩計画などとあわせた事務室内の景観形成を試みることで、YKK BSIという新しい組織の個性を感じることができるオフィス空間を目指した。

This project is a renovation of the open-plan, over 2000m² work area in a head office building, located in the midst of an enormous factory district. The focus was not on tailoring the space to the current structure or scale of the organization, but rather on maximizing the potential of the space to make it a contemporary and comfortable work environment. This entailed not only making sure each individual space was comfortable and user-friendly, but also keeping in mind the overall functionality of the floor, and formulating ground rules for the layout.
Through this plan, we strove to realize the ideal working environment envisioned at the time of the company’s establishment, including “an office reminiscent of a park” and an overall site that is “beautiful and overflowing with nature.” There was a strong focus on color scheme and visual appeal in the office interior, making for an office that reflects the character of the new organization, revamped at the same time as the office was renovated.

JCDデザインアワード2005 Best100

The Best of New Offices Award
40th Sign Design Association Award : Selected

photo by Toshiharu Kitajima