Plants Associates Inc.



SKK徳島SKK Tokushima Office

2004 / 徳島県徳島市Tokushima, Japan


This building was designed to maximize the potential of a long, narrow site in a residential area, with a low two-story structure and the most important rooms all on one floor. The cross-sectional layout was adjusted so as to avoid the cooped-up feeling that can be generated by a floor plan featuring a central corridor. The south-facing office wall features a layered glass screen constituting a double skin structure that reduces thermal load and controls visibility from surrounding residential buildings.
The width of the site is emphasized with a façade facing the road in front that incorporates glass screen and aluminum boundary fence. Meanwhile, the side facing the neighboring property to the north is set back from the property limit and incorporates a terrace to avoid an oppressive, too-close feeling. Highly noticeable walls such as at the entrance are assigned a signature color reminiscent of Tokushima’s traditional “aizome” indigo dyeing.

photo by Toshiharu Kitajima