Plants Associates Inc.



SKK松山SKK Matsuyama Office

2001 / 愛媛県松山市Ehime, Japan


The site is surrounded on three sides by the JR rail line, a major road coming from the airport, and a high-rise apartment building. A primary consideration was how to create a comfortable work space while at the same time blocking ambient noise and preventing visibility to outsiders. An approach was taken in which areas occupied by people were designed to be as open and liberating as possible, while the exterior was fitted with elements such as large recycled wood partitioning louvers and screens knitted from stainless steel, which blocked visibility from the outside but allowed it from the inside. The external spaces created by these elements were incorporated into the interior. The entire site was surrounded by a partition, including the parking lot, giving the exterior spaces an interior feel and making the entire space seem larger than it is in reality. The interior, as well, features rooms sectioned off with transparent material wherever possible, so as to give the entire space a sequential, separated yet unified quality.

プロポーザル 特定


Invited Design Proposal : First Prize

photo by Toshiharu Kitajima