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信行寺西本堂Shigyoji Temple

1998 / 東京都練馬区Tokyo, Japan


Since the grounds adjoin the Hiroshima riverside park, one of the major priorities in the design was to open up the facility to the river and utilize this valuable natural asset. The use of large windows in the public zones at ground level (such as the reception area and restaurant) emphasizes the relationship with the world outdoors, while the private rooms face directly out onto the river and feature individual design enhancements tailored to the landscape in order to provide visitors with an unusual yet relaxing experience. The outdoor terrace and accompanying facilities, currently being built in honor of the tenth anniversary of the facility, will further enhance and modernize the facility and encourage more visitors in the future.


JCD Award'99 : Encouragement Award
JIA Award : Selected
33th Sign Design Association Award : Third Award

photo by Toshiharu Kitajima