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中原中也記念館Chuya Nakahara Memorial Museum

1993-1997 / 山口県山口市Yamaguchi, Japan


This memorial museum is located in the birthplace of the poet Chuya Nakahara. The accentation of exterior views and the use of internal atriums provides the building with a strong sense of depth and height, while the floor plan is designed to create a natural circulation of visitors and maximize opportunities for experiencing the poet’s works. An important theme in the building design was to ensure that external spaces such as the front garden and cetral garden were provided as public zones open to the surrounding area. A comprehensive review of exhibition contents and practices in 2003, held to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the museum, was designed to give the facility greater flexibility to handle a range of different exhibitions and promote public access to its priceless collection.


Open Design Competition : First Prize
JIA Award for Best Young Architect of the Year
28th Sign Design Association Award : Third Award
Public Building Best 100

photo by Toshiharu Kitajima